Tuesday 12 August 2014

Wet Kintail

We are now into our 53rd hour of constant heavy rain, although the BBC weather forecast says it may stop briefly tonight.
Yesterday we moved to Kintail, which is in the Highlands of Scotland, just a few miles from the bridge to the Isle of Skye.
We thought that a break in the weather was due this morning so took a stroll around the valley.
We saw lots of heather and paddled along paths that had turned into mini streams.
The river at the bottom of the valley is a raging torrent that charges straight past our campsite and down to the loch.
On the way home the rain was blowing straight into our faces, so Daz took an early shower, but fortunately my hairdo was protected a bit by the brolly.
My Everest campaign has stalled, but got another 82 vertical metres today so now at 5,065 metres. Nearest mountain height is Mount Steele, in the Yukon, Canada at 5,073 metres.
Current number of steps for the month - 232,928.

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