Wednesday 13 August 2014

Whisky tasting

Drove to the Isle of Skye as the weather was forecast to be slightly better than on the mainland - as you can see from the photos - in fact, we only got soaked once today.
We are at a campsite next to the Sligachan Inn and bridge. For our afternoon outing we decided to cycle to the Talisker whisky distillery to do the tour and tasting. Unfortunately, due to the dodgy weather, every single tourist on the island had the same idea.
We arrived at 2.30, but the next available tour wasn't until 4.30. I was a bit outraged and told them that we had cycled miles especially to visit. To make up for our disappointment, the staff said that we could have a free tasting to help us with our cycle home.
It was quite a small sample, to be honest, but as I don't actually like whisky, and it was free, then I couldn't complain. (Last time I came here, about 30 years ago with my sister, they gave us a huge measure each. We couldn't drink it all, then tried to water it down and in the end we had to tip it in a plant pot to get rid of it.)
Our cycle ride home was nice, but wet and we decided to warm up by spending the entrance fee that we had saved in the Sligachan Inn.
They had 250 different types of whisky and I asked for a sweet one. They didn't really do cider flavoured whisky, but we had a shot each and sat by the open fire to savour it. I think it is growing on me - give it another 30 years and I might even like it.

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