Thursday 14 August 2014

One Corbett and three Grahams today

Out hiking again today, up in the Red Cuillin mountains on the Isle of Skye. I didn't know that as well as the Munro summit, there are also Corbetts ( over 2,500 feet) and Grahams (over 2,000). Consolation prizes maybe, but we got four today anyway! 
Excellent walk although our lunch stop was a bit worrying, as we were glared at the whole time by an enormous raven. I know it wanted some cake, but it's hard work walking uphill, so I couldn't spare any.
We did a circular walk from our campsite, following instructions from a book. The only problems occurred when we changed the ending ourselves, so had to hike 2,300 feet steeply downhill without a path, jump over a stream, then climb a wire fence to get back on track.
Picture four is the route as viewed from our campsite, and pic five is current view - the clouds have come streaming in and hidden it all.
Lots of vertical height gained today at 1,199 - annoying we didn't get 1,200 but we can't see the results until we get home, otherwise I would have walked a couple of extra steps. 
Current total for the month - 6,272. Almost the same height as Mount Salcantay, Andes, Peru.

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