Wednesday 20 August 2014


Just to prove me wrong after yesterday's post, I set out to walk to the coast at Shawbost last night and not only did I find a lovely beach, but the sun put in an appearance while I was there!
I didn't see another person on foot for the whole of my hour long walk, which was bit scary, but I did see dozens of seabirds and hundreds of sheep.
The rain didn't hold off for long and set in again once I was back at the van.
Yet another wash out day today at our new campsite in Stornoway. I honestly couldn't find anything picturesque here, so had to settle for a shot of me making friends with a local fisherman.
Highlights of today, I got my haircut and Daz bought some kippers from the Stornoway Smokehouse, which apparently has the last brick built kiln in Britain.
Ps, sorry that I have turned into a bit of a moaner, will try harder tomorrow.

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