Friday 15 August 2014

Cowpat and washing line

Drove up the coast a few miles to just outside Portree.
We wanted to do a fairly short morning walk, and then on to our new campsite - btw, it turns out that it nestles in view two, behind the sea cliff and in front of the spikey mountain.
The walk started well when we found a little sign saying 'path'. After that we almost immediately lost the path and got stuck in very tall, wet bracken. I fell over twice and disappeared from view - the second time I landed within a few inches of a cowpat. Lucky, lucky, lucky.
We eventually found the path again so then it was plain sailing up to the top. Excellent views all around, although it was absolutely freezing.
Feeling good on the way down and happily following the path until suddenly, it just disappeared. How can it happen?  One second a well trodden footpath, next step and nothing.
We set off cross country and I stamped in a cowpat - bad, bad, bad.
Then we followed a stream and found a new, really steep muddy path through some trees . Someone had tied a blue washing line rope to hold on to, which I did. Unfortunately, then I slipped and skidded down on my knees, elbows and hands. Muddy, muddy and dirty.
We then ended up on the seashore where I tried to have a wash in the sea. Hiked along shore towards the campervan, jumping on rocks across a stream, fortunately,  without incident.
Ps, collected about another 400 metres vertical height - will check it later - and now in a pub eating haggis, neeps, tatties and whisky sauce.  Fantastic.

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