Sunday 24 August 2014

Storming the Fairy Castle!

The Fairy Castle - or Stac Pollaidh is a rock standing alone with turrets and bumpy bits on the top.
From the base it looked easy, and not too high and we marched to near the top quite quickly. The views were amazing, across completely deserted countryside for miles in every direction.
On the horizon we could see a little storm coming in so we took shelter behind a turret while it passed. We were then going to go along the ramparts, but I got a bit of stage fright as the rocks were wet and shiny, the wind had got up a bit, and two ladies were talking about going back.
Panicking at a dodgy corner, I refused to go any further and Darren had got slightly ahead of the ladies, who were screaming at that point.
To cut a long story short, we all got split up - I nipped round to where I thought they would appear in a few minutes but they didn't, Daz got almost to the top, and the ladies scrambled all over the place in terror.
We eventually found each other and calm slowly returned to us all.
Don't split up - another lesson learned on this dangerous new hobby we have found.
Ps, vertical height for August now 8,038 so one last push and we are there.

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