Monday 4 August 2014

Snow angel in August

Can you believe it is high summer in Scotland?
Here we are today at Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort playing in the snow near the top of yet another Monro.
Surprising weather as well, as after our soaking yesterday it rained for 20 hours, then perked up enough for us to escape from the van for an afternoon out.
Yet another amazing hike up the mountain, initially following the route of the chairlift, then branching out to look at the snow and then to the cold and windy summit to check out the cairn.
We are trying to have a fit month and my step count for the month is going well - 95,979 so far.
We have also set ourselves a challenge this month - walking the height of Mount Everest,  which is 8,850 metres.
We have now reached 2,931 metres, which is exactly the same height as Mount Ulvetanna in East Antarctica. No I hadn't heard of it either.

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