Monday 25 August 2014


Here we are on the last of our ridge walks in Scotland. This is the furthest north that we go, about 30 miles from the top of the map.
It was amazing today for three reasons - scenery, weather and the first time that we have managed to stick to the right route all way round.
There was no slacking with this walk as we trudged in a straight line over the top of all of the mountains in the photos.
The only scary one was the pointy bit on the second photo where the sides were really steep on either side and the tiny path just carried on regardless.
Towards the end, and with the van in sight, it got a bit slippery and muddy. I ended up on my bottom twice today, and once yesterday. I am either over confident or over clumsy - I think a bit of both.
Ps, the Everest challenge is now complete as we scaled 1,076 metres yesterday, making a grand total of 9,114. That is 266 metres higher than Mount Everest.
Phew, can throw the walking boots away now.

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