Sunday 17 August 2014

Old man Storr

Another stressful walk today, this time around the Old man of Storr. It is one of the most popular walks in Scotland and we cycled to a large and busy car park. The path was very defined and loads of other walkers were heading our way.
Unfortunately, we did not realise that the Old man is actually a small spikey rock in front of the huge rockface, (I thought he was at the top) so we did not notice that almost everyone else reached it, took a few photos, then turned around and walked back.
We carried along a smaller path that led around the back of the serrated edged rocks in picture one, and as is usual, it then disappeared. I then noticed a couple right up at the top, so we started climbing up towards them.
The views through the gaps at what I had thought were the old man's teeth, were astonishing and terrifying. I had to lie down and crawl towards the edge to have a look, but kept a good distance back as my knees were knocking.
Afterwards, we carried on up a little path that appeared along the ridge, the sun appeared and all was calm and relaxed - pic 3.
Eventually the path went up almost vertically and I was panicking as I thought that we would end up on a knife edge at the summit. 
Imagine my surprise when we gingerly looked over the top and there was a massive expanse of grass, with the trig point in the distance.
On the top it seriously was blowing a gale and even though the trig was a long way from the edge I couldn't manage a smile as I was worried about being blown off the edge.
We were following what we thought was a circular route, but we couldn't find the point where it went back down over the edge (mainly because I was so scared of going near it), so we kept walking along the top in the gale, following a little path.
We then came to a section that looked as if there had been a landslide, we lost the path and the route down was super steep, wet, slippery and windy. I had to keep shouting out 'calm, calm, calm, etc' all the way down, but I don't think it helped me much.
Obviously we made it back as I am writing this, but I am glossing over a lot of stress.  I could definitely do with a reassuring tot or two of whisky tonight.
Vertical height - still no stats as very slow Internet here, but it should be a few.
Grey hairs - quite a few new ones today.

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