Friday 22 August 2014

Smug, smug, and not so after all

Arrived in Ullapool last night, camped up and enjoyed listening to the rain on the roof until morning.
Feeling pretty happy when we opened the blinds and enjoyed the view this morning. Weather forecast as always pretty dodgy, so in the afternoon we decided to take the van up to the number one TripAdvisor local attraction.
That's when we hit a problem - the camper was stuck in mud. I started off enlisting help from three strong looking neighbours, but apart from rocking back and forwards a few inches, nothing else happened.
In the end the owner had to drag us out with his tractor. We were a tiny bit embarrassed, but we were off on the road again.
Went to the terrifying Corrieshalloch Gorge and stood looking from the bridge at the gorge many metres below.
Very dramatic, but possibly not as good as the rainbow across the bay that we saw while eating fish and chips at the harbourside pub tonight.

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