Wednesday 6 August 2014

Nevis Gorge and Steall Falls

Arrived in beautiful Glen Nevis this afternoon, and once it stopped raining we set off up the Glen and through the Nevis Gorge.
It is a narrow sheltered gap between the mountains where a river races through enormous boulders down to the loch. The sides are filled with ferns and ancient pine trees, and once you are through it, the land opens out on to a meadow with the Steall Falls straight ahead.
There is also a bridge strung across the river that is made of three strips of wire - one to tightrope walk across, and two to use to balance yourself with. 
Daz whizzed across and was so cocky on the return journey that he was bouncing and leaning right over.
The walk was a long out and back trip from our campsite, and we were followed home by big black clouds, but we were lucky and made it before the rain started up again. 
It wasn't a steep walk so I only added 417 metres to my Everest tally. I am now at 3,348 metres, which is the same as the Piodra del Molino in Argentina.
My step tally is doing well though, with over 28,000 added today, making a total of 143,162 for the month.
Ps, I have added an image from Skyfall so you can see how similar yesterdays shot was.

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