Wednesday 16 January 2013

Ceylon Tea Museum

Ensured I walked 10k today by going to the Tea Museum which was at the top of a very high hill near Kandy. Had to cheat a bit and catch a tuk tuk up part of the hill as we saw a sign that said it shut at 3.30 and we wouldn't have made it otherwise.
Once again, hardly any other tourists had chosen the same thing to do as us and we were shown around completely on our own.
Sri Lankan fact - the first tea shipment was in 1872 and was only 23 pounds in weight, but last year, 324 million kilograms were exported.
It was a lovely building that was very light and airy and after the tour we made our way to the fourth floor for our free cup of tea, served in an elegant cup and saucer.
I am persevering but I still don't like it though.

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