Monday 14 January 2013

Kandy Royal Botanic Gardens

Spent a lovely afternoon in the Botanic Gardens. The weather has changed for the better here and it was a beautiful sunny day. We are 500 metres above sea level so the climate is much dryer than down by the coast. Hundreds of locals had the same idea as us and the place was full of families picnicking and courting couples sitting in shady spots.
Lots of things to see, including a very rare (according to the guidebook) double coconut palm. The fruits take five years to mature and they are the largest seeds in the world.
Darren liked the really tall straight palm trees best as he thought they looked like lampposts, but most amazing of all were the bats.
There were thousands of them and they were all squeaking loudly and a few were flying from tree to tree.
Saw one fly by very close to use as we sat in a bar watching the sunset and they are enormous. And quite scary.

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