Thursday 24 January 2013


We left Mount Lavinia this morning and caught a bus about 50 miles south along the coast to Hikkaduwa.
The bus got pretty packed as it whizzed along with its crazy driver overtaking constantly and then slamming the brakes on whenever a potential customer was spotted. There do not seem to be bus stops, or there may be but we haven't found them. We have just looked interested and buses have picked us up.
You have to jump on board sharpish and I caused a bit of a scene this morning as I got on with my rucksack still on my back and then nearly fell headfirst back down the steps as Darren tried to wrestle it off me as the bus was careering out in to the traffic.
We have chosen to stop at a place called Hikkaduwa. It doesn't seem very well known but we picked it because we may be able to snorkel from the beach.
Luckily we have found a lovely hotel and are going to park up here for the next six nights.

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