Saturday 12 January 2013

Ella to Kandy

Time to move on from Ella so caught two buses to get to Kandy which is a major town about 100 miles away.
Buses in Sri Lanka have five seats across, a two and a three so aren't really ideal for the average British bottom but are fine for the more petite Sri Lankans.
On the first bus we sat in a three seater near the door at the back and were soon cuddled up close to a local guy who for some reason sat next to us while his wife had a lot of spare space on the row in front.
We had to change buses at Badulla and when we got on it was already almost full.
We sat down separately where we could find a space but then the conductor waved us to follow him.
He had moved some people around and now we had two seats on the front row next to a sign that said 'reserved for clergy'.
The road was amazing as along the whole journey there were landslides that had blocked parts of the road and there were hundreds of people with shovels, diggers and trucks clearing it away.
However, it didn't seem to deter or delay our driver and he slalomed around it all and any other vehicle he could find and we drew into the bus station exactly on time.
Arrived at our hotel in Kandy to a lovely welcome - flowers petals in a love heart on the bed! Even better than that though, this hotel has hot water in the shower!

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