Monday 28 January 2013

Darren spends a bit of time getting to know Nigel

My blog was a bit wrong yesterday as I thought body surfing was when you used your body and tried to keep really long and straight and sort of 'surfed' yourself among the waves. I think I made that all up now, and anyway, don't bother trying it as it didn't work.
What was useful was that we noticed a few people on really short boards, so today we have hired one to see how we get on.
Not bad, is the answer.
For some reason our board was called Nigel and here is Daz and Nige doing their best to ride a wave or two.


  1. you were right with body surfing darren was body boarding with nigel

  2. Thank you Dave. We are going to get a Nigel each today and have races. I bet you would have loved it here too. See you Monday!