Sunday 20 January 2013

High tea at the Grand Hotel

Following a trip from a tourist we met a few days ago, we went to the poshest hotel in town for afternoon tea.
It lived up to its reputation and we came out completely stuffed. We had spring rolls, vol au vonts, tiny sandwiches, chocolate mousse, tiny scones, etc, etc.
I thought the best thing was a beautiful battenburg cake with four different coloured sponges and a cute little chocolate squiggle piped on top.
How can you afford this extravaganza I can hear you thinking? Including a tip it came to £3 each!


  1. No photo of the batten burg cake?

  2. No photo of the batten burg cake?

  3. Sorry, slight oversight there, I did take a photo of Darren's fried banana with honey topping but it looked a bit weird so it didn't make it on to the blog.

  4. Ive worked out why my comments get posted twice so I'll try not to do it again. The cake still sounds better than the fried banana though...