Sunday 13 January 2013

Kandyan Dance Show

We have met many fibbers in Sri Lanka but the one today really took the biscuit.
We were walking around Kandy Lake and we saw an older man who was praying. As we passed he stopped praying and started to tell us how lucky we were as today the Sri Lankan president was going to see a show and we could be there too. There would be dancers, fire walkers, elephants and butterflies. I said was it the Kandyan Dance Show and he said no, that was just for tourists.
He said we could buy tickets at the nearby temple so he went with us to get them. He told us he helped at the school for orphans in the temple and took us into a little shop.
When he got the tickets out I could see they were for the standard show so we bought them anyway. He also gave us the hard sell on his batik pictures but we held firm.
Got to the theatre really early and went in to find some seats. Lots of them had reserved labels on them but there were two right in the middle of the front row that were available. We sat down and waited for the president and his wife to sit next to us but they didn't turn up.
It was a good, colourful and loud show and we enjoyed it. No sign of any elephants or butterflies either but the firewalkers were great.

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