Sunday 13 January 2013

Royal Bar and Hotel

This blog is for you Matt, whether you want to see a picture of me in a bar or not!
Wandered around Kandy trying to find somewhere to stop for an afternoon refreshment. Suddenly came across this oasis in the middle of a busy street.
We were trying to be civilised so had a pot of tea served in beautiful cups and saucers monogrammed with the initials RBH.
We went back after the show and it was very busy -  full of Sri Lankans enjoying beers and bottles of either Scotch or Arack.
We had the special menu which came with a beer and a mango liqueur and then followed up with a gin and tonic. Fantastic value at £8 for the two of us.
Ps I noticed that they also had rooms so I asked the price in case we wanted to change hotels. Unfortunately it cost $158 per night and our existing one is only $35 so we are staying put.

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  1. Wow that's a fan bar :-). Well have to come and try that one. Hoops your having fun x