Sunday 10 February 2019

Hot air balloons and the Wonderfood Museum

I woke up before dawn this morning and remembered that we were supposed to be going for an early morning run. Daz stirred eventually and I asked hopefully if he still wanted to go.
I was hoping for a 'no', but he said yes. I asked again and he still said yes, so reluctantly I soon found myself outside our hotel in the darkness.
Our plan was to jog to the hot air balloon festival and I perked up along the way.
We arrived just as the balloons were being inflated, and it was all very lovely.

We jogged back feeling pleased with ourselves and ready for breakfast.
Our afternoon outing was just as interesting - the Wonderfood Museum. It told the history of Malaysian cuisine and was very interactive. It was full of giant copies of local dishes and everyone was having a great time taking photos.
This one is our favourite breakfast, a sort of flatbread and curry sauce.
I think this one is Penang Laksa with a huge piece of chicken.
Ice cachang, a tasty desert with shaved ice and flavours. This one has too many beans and green bits for my liking.
Finally, sweetie heaven. The little boy in front of us wanted to keep his lollipop and cried his eyes out when he realised that he had to give it back. Daz was a bit upset too.
Fun outing for all the family.

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