Wednesday 13 February 2019

Getting the hang of Tokyo

We are staying in a nice, and compact hotel on the outskirts of Tokyo. We are right next to the Sumida River and there are excellent running routes in both directions and both sides of the river. It is good to be running in the colder weather and fantastic not to finish a run without my face being purple and  feeling completely exhausted.

We have also found out that we can buy everything that we need from one shop, the Familymart. These little convenience stores are on every corner and welcome us in.
You can buy every meal there, and there is a microwave to heat things up. The staff are all really friendly and there is a little area to eat, usually by the window.
We have tried most things and it takes all of the problems of finding food away. We are going to get more adventurous, and all of the restaurants have photos of their meals on the menu, but it is a bit of a worry.

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