Thursday 21 February 2019


Yesterday we arrived in Yokohama  which is just down the coast from Tokyo. Our hotel is good and with loads more floor space than we are used to.
Our last hotel had an amazing tap that filled the basin, then the spout could be angled to fill the bath, then finally you pressed a button and it also turned into a shower head.
This bathroom is much more traditional shaped though.
Last night we went to the Waterfront and enjoyed the lights.

Unfortunately we got lost for a while on the way back, but we made it eventually.
This morning started early with a run and then a visit to the Nissan world headquarters.
We tried out a simulator that took us inside the electric engine of a Leaf car, but it made me feel rather sick. I think you get the idea from the photo.

Also, I couldn't explain any of it once I got out.
After that a walk around enjoying the milder weather and interesting views.

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