Saturday 23 February 2019

Yokohama to Nagoya

Today we caught a train from Yokohama to Nagoya. It only took about 90 minutes and we shot past Mount Fuji about half way through the journey. Even though the sun was shining we could barely see the mountain as it was shrouded in cloud, so it was very lucky that we went to see it yesterday.
Nagoya is a major city, the fourth biggest in Japan. In common with everywhere else that we have seen it is very modern and full of interesting buildings.

The pond is on the roof of a strange and very flimsy structure with glass walkways, and a long drop to street level. We had no idea what it was for, but there was lots of people who like us were there just to take photos.
In a public park we found lots more people, this time practicing martial art type routines, leaping and kicking in unison.

I also briefly managed to look angelic -

and then headed back to our amazing hotel where they put on a free happy hour every evening!

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