Thursday 21 February 2013

Things I like and don't like about Koh Phi Phi

We have spent five days on Koh Phi Phi and some things are great, some not so. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, but there problems.
Good things :-
Firstly, there are no cars or mopeds on the island, so everyone has to walk or cycle everywhere and goods are transported on trolleys. You can tell when one is behind you as the pusher shouts 'beep, beep' to get through the crowds.
There are almost no dogs so I have had a calm few days. Instead, there are hundreds of cats.
Thirdly the scenery is amazing
Not so good things:-
There are too many tourists. I include us in this. We have come to see the sights and experience the beautiful things on the island, but even in the short time we have been here, it is obvious that so many people are ruining it.
The narrow walking streets mean that many more buildings can be crammed into a small space, which accommodates more people.
At the moment it is still a lovely place, but you can see that most of the snorkeling sites are dying, the beautiful bays are getting polluted and nobody is doing anything about it.
We leave tomorrow with mixed feelings.
Finally, there are so many tattoo parlours that open all evening, so when we are out everywhere we look there are people lying on couches having needles stuck in them. It looks a bit like we are walking through some weird and never ending hospital operating theatre.

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