Saturday 16 February 2013

Traffic lights in Krabi

I am not saying that Krabi is boring, it is just that it is not as scenic as places we have been to recently.
They have however, made a huge effort with traffic lights and street lighting, which caught my eye.
We have also been on a long tail boat trip today where we went to a cave where the bones of pre historic man have been found, so I am guessing that is where the idea for the traffic lights came from. They have another set of traffic lights featuring sabre tooth tigers so there is definitely a theme going on.
All of the street lights were nice as the bulb is held up by elephants standing on their two back legs.
I don't know if the crab sculpture is a play on words or if the area is particularly renowned for its crabs. We are going out for dinner later so I will see if there are lots of them on the menu.
Krabi is a nice place but is fairly quiet and seems to be used more as a stopover by people passing through, rather than a place to stay for a whole holiday.

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