Tuesday 5 February 2013

Long tailed boat trip up the river

We thought we would have a leisurely trip on the river and we all got on wearing our sun hats. Within about 10 seconds we were racing over the waves, with the wind blowing a gale and trying to hold on to ours hats. It wasn't relaxing but we got a long way very quickly.
Arrived at a cave temple and set off up a steep hillside in search of Koapoon Cave Temple.
There was no one about but the four of us and we disappeared into a very steep hole in the ground that smelled dodgy. It was well lit and had loads of statues and offering places.
It went on getting deeper and more claustrophobic, with a low ceiling. Eventually it widened out to a large cave with bats flying around.
Every else seemed to enjoy it, but I was very pleased to get back in the open air.
Also found a very large and chunky Buddha on the top of the hill. I have must be turning into a wimp as I thought he looked scary as well.


  1. Great blog as always Christine, that's a seriously scary Buddha. Really enjoying reading what you guys are up to!

  2. Hi Mike pleased you are still reading. I don't know how you find the time with all of your running. I am following as Darren keeps showing me your routes. Really impressed with the wavy line one. Also congratulations on your engagement.