Monday 25 February 2013

Looking for art in Penang

We left Hat Yai yesterday morning and arrived in Penang mid afternoon. Incidentally, I don't recommend that you visit Hat Yai as it is listed on the Foreign Office website as ' essential visits only' due to local unrest and various bombings.
There were hardly any westerners about and people were very friendly towards us, but I was a bit relieved that it all went okay.
We are now in Malaysia and I didn't take any photos yesterday as there was a massive rain storm and then it got dark.
Making up for it today though. We are wandering around the historic parts of Georgetown, which is the major town on Penang, looking for street art.
Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian born artist who graduated from Middlesex University in London and is temporarily living in Penang.
He has painted about a dozen murals on various streets and we are trying to find them. Some appear to have been painted over and one has almost disintegrated, but we are doing well. We still have 'kungfu girl' and 'trishaw man' to find, but have just stopped for a cappuccino.

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  1. read an article and Penang is one of top 8 places to retire to. others were quite random. fancy Ecuador that was higher?