Sunday 17 February 2013

Beautiful Koh Phi Phi

Caught the 9am ferry this morning from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi. It costs about £8 each and took about an hour and a half. The sea was calm and it was a very pleasant journey.
Left our bags at our guesthouse and set off to the viewpoint overlooking the centre of the island. It was 186 metres to the top and very hot, but an excellent view.
The pictures need to be viewed from left to right. The first picture is of the middle of the viewpoint, the second is the left hand view and the third is the right hand view.
We walked further along the top and then followed the path down to a secluded beach. It was really steep and slippery. I was fine in my sandals, Darren was not bad in his flip flops, Margs struggled with her dodgy ankle and Super Dave brought up the rear.
Water very warm and after a refreshing swim we were going to catch a long tail boat back.
They wanted nearly £5 each for a 20 minute journey so we all marched back over the top of the hill again instead.
It was much easier going back so we were all chuffed with ourselves and had a free fiver for drinks this evening.

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