Friday 15 February 2013

Wat Tham Sua

As part of our day trip, our final destination was Wat Tham Sua, otherwise known as the Tiger Cave Temple. Apparently, it is situated in an area that used to have wild tigers but they are long gone.
The highlight of the visit was the top of a 600 metre high limestone rock. There were 1,237 steps to the top, many of which were about a foot high and extremely steep. There were also monkeys around the lower steps that were very interested in the tourists and any food they might be carrying.
It took over half an hour to get to the top, although Superhero Dave shot past me taking two steps at a time!
Once at the top the views were excellent and there was a large bhudda, various little lookout areas and a little temple at the very end of the cliff.
As we set off down we could see a rain storm heading our way so we got soaked on the journey, although it was quite cool and pleasant. There was also a very pretty rainbow and the sun was shining again when I collapsed on a bench at the bottom to recover.

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