Friday 1 February 2013

Lotus flowers

Went to the night market near our hotel tonight as we love the food they sell at them. I started with roasted sweetcorn while Darren had something chickeny.
I then got distracted by a little old man sitting on the floor selling lotus flowers. I have seen loads of people selling them outside the temples to give as offerings. Unfortunately, I don't believe in all of that but I did buy some nice little white flowers in Sri Lanka and leave them at a temple.
This time there was no temple nearby that was still open so I have bought some for our hotel room. That might be a really bad thing to do, but I do love them. In the photo it looks like one flower with green petals, but each one is a separate flower, they just haven't opened yet.
I will try to take them with us on our journey to see how long they survive.
Also sat in a bar to have a simultaneous drink with Darren's friend Becky who was leaving Serif today and would have been having her last lunchtime do.

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