Thursday 5 December 2013

Gracie arrived today

I have known the name of my great niece for quite a few months, so it almost seemed as if she was here already.
She was born today at 3.45am - congratulations to Hayley, Jaye and brother Declan. She looks beautiful, but unfortunately we won't get to meet her until next Easter.
In Thailand it was also a very special day as it was the King's birthday. Most of the local people were wearing bright yellow teeshirts with slogans such as 'long live the King' on them. There was also big pictures of the King, yellow bunting and Thai flags everywhere.
In the evening we went down to the pier to watch the celebrations. Hundreds of people were there, all with candles and we were quickly given one each. Someone put on a very scratchy record and the crowd sang along to what I assume was the Thai version of 'Happy birthday to you' and then maybe the national anthem.
Afterwards there were fireworks and everyone carried on chatting to their friends, taking photos and then heading home.

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