Wednesday 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas everyone

Happy Christmas from sunny Borneo.
We thought ahead and a couple of weeks ago we did a beach photoshoot so that I would be ready for a festive blog.
We were going to take our own photos but a passing friendly tourist took loads of shots for us.
The last one is from our trip to Hong Kong where I think the temperature actually did drop close to freezing!
I wore my Christmas tree hat down to breakfast this morning and it was all very jolly. The hotel have also hired a choir of about 20 local carollers and they keep appearing around the hotel and breaking into song.
We are pretending to be at home, so are just slobbing around for the day, which is what I hope all (both) of my readers are doing.

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  1. Just finished cooking on Margs mum oven how bad was that never known such a cold oven least we were all hungry when we got it!