Tuesday 3 December 2013

Emerald Cave, Koh Mook

Another day, another four island boat trip. We had heard about this one and came all the way to Koh Lanta to do it. I kept my fingers crossed that the sea would be calm enough and the tide would be right to see the highlight of the trip - the Emerald Cave.
Our luck was in and after a pretty long, long tailed boat ride, we arrived at a mooring spot next to a vertical cliff face.
Our captain made us all put on life jackets and jump into the water. We then swam to a cave entrance that was no more than a metre high. We followed him in and the sunlight on the sea was a beautiful green colour.
It got darker the further in we went and then pitch black. Our captain shined a torch to light our way and after a couple of minutes we rounded a dark corner to see sunlight and a beautiful bay.
We were in a completely enclosed area with spectacular cliff walls covered in jungle vegetation and vines that looked the same as Tarzan used to swing on.
Pic 4 is a screenshot from Google earth showing the sea at the top and then the bay about 80 metres inland.
It was so gorgeous and peaceful, even though there were two boatloads of people with us. Everyone was just staring around, pointing and making 'wow' sounds.
Apparently, pirates used to hide treasure here in the olden days.
All too soon we had to follow our captain through the tunnel and back to the real world.

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