Sunday 29 December 2013

Mount Kinabalu

Got up early to try to see the top of Mount Kinabalu, which is over 4,000 metres high.
We arrived here two days ago, but the mountain has always been completely covered in cloud, so we did not even realise it was just behind our guesthouse.
Every morning just after dawn the sky is clear, but clouds quickly  gather, so there is a very short time where it is light enough to see the mountain.
We just about made it, but 15 minutes later it was gone for the day.
We are quite high up ourselves at 1500 metres, and you can see lower clouds in the second shot, with the tops of hills showing through.
We saw loads of beautiful flowers, particularly wild orchids in the undergrowth.
We got lucky today as we had to catch a bus from Mount Kinabalu back down to Kota Kinabalu. We did not know what time the bus would arrive, so we were prepared for a long wait and we did not even know where, or if a bus would stop.
We had just arrived in the right general area when four Indonesian boys turned up with their luggage.
They went and spoke to a mini bus driver and the six of us, plus two German backpackers that we had met a couple of days ago, all crammed in to his van.
We had a very speedy run down to sea level, a quick group photo with the friendly Indonesians, and less than two hours later we were at our hotel in KK.

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