Tuesday 17 December 2013

Beautiful Spratly Islands

Caught a flight from Hong Kong to Borneo this morning and we were both lucky enough to get window seats. I sat looking out of the window for ages and all I saw was blue sea and fluffy white clouds, until suddenly it looked as if a little heart was in the water.
Looking closer it was actually a beautiful island with a lagoon in the middle. A few minutes later two more islands slowly sailed past.
I knew we still had about an hour to fly to Borneo so it was a real surprise to see them, as I didn't realise there was any land on the journey.
I looked them up on Wikipedia and they are called the Spratly Islands. Their ownership is disputed and they are claimed by China, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei.
Interesting facts - the total amount of land is less than 4kms spread over 750 atholls, reefs and islands in a total sea area of at least 425,000kms.
Amazing the information we have at our fingertips.

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