Sunday 15 December 2013

Lost on the Peak

The weather is truly terrible today, but not easily disheartened, we set off to ascend the Mid-levels escalator. It is 800 metres long and is the world's longest.
The first thing we realised was that it was a bit of cheat as there are were at least 10 gaps where we had to get off, sometimes cross a little road, sometimes turn a corner and get back on again.
It was really interesting though and took about 20 minutes to get to the top. (Sorry the first pic is not of the escalator but a walkway on the way to it.)
At the top we wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens, but couldn't find them, instead seeing signs to The Peak.
We followed them upwards and then came to a very steep staircase that went up into the jungly undergrowth. Up and up we followed the route until it disappeared. We had to scramble back through mud and down a very rickety metal ladder before we found the right route.
Eventually got to the top viewing platform and couldn't see a thing.
Absolutely freezing we decided to do what 99.9% of the tourists do and caught the tram back down. Strangely, we were the only people on the tram who had not bought a return ticket at the bottom.
Just sitting in bed in our hotel room with a pot noodle trying to get warm.


  1. Go back up to the top of the peak and then walk down through the jungle on the other side to Aberdeen harbour where some old crone in a rowing boat will give you a tour of the fishing junks - pretty interesting as I recall. Paul H.

  2. Hi Paul, we are leaving first thing in the morning, although I love the sound of your plan. When we were up at the top earlier visibility was at 20 feet and it was raining horizontally so we would have struggled.

    1. You don't want to let a bit of rain bother you in Honkers. When we were there we had a storm signal 10 hurricane and we were trapped in the Ritz Carlton for 2 days. We had to live on free crisps and peanuts in the bar because the restaurant food was so expensive.