Monday 9 December 2013

My lucky day?

We decided to have a lazy day and just wander around the town today. As we got to the main shopping centre a guy offered us two scratch cards and said we could win a free prize. Daz won a teeshirt but I got the jackpot, as long as we agreed to go to a hotel for a look around and a presentation.
I refused and we walked on.
A couple of minutes later we got stopped by some different touts and I won the jackpot again!  This time we agreed and got a taxi to a lovely hotel right on the seafront.
We sat chatting to a friendly salesman and he showed us around a lovely apartment style hotel. His trouble began with his sales presentation. He could not work his laptop properly and Darren kept asking questions that he couldn't answer. His boss came to help and they came to the conclusion that it wasn't really suitable for us after all.
It was all friendly and we walked away with a free dinner for two voucher, plus my prize.
The dinner was actually lovely, I went boring veggie, but Darren had lots of scary seafood. Afterwards we had a few cocktails along the main strip.
At one of the bars the Thai girls were challenging customers at Connect Four, with the prize being a drink for the winner. Daz had a go and she was most put out when he won. He chose a Sambuca shot, fortunately we didn't have to find out what she would have picked - my guess would be champagne.

Ps, my jackpot prize was a week for two at a fancy hotel in Koh Samui - we will find out later in the holiday if it actually exists.

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