Thursday 12 December 2013

Statues in Hong Kong

Yesterday we left Phuket and caught a flight to Hong Kong. It was all very uneventful and going to plan until we got to our hotel.
It was fairly late at night and the 'hotel' was on the 16th floor of a large building on the Kowloon mainland.  Outside the building were dozens of pushy young Indian men trying to sell us fake Rolex's, dodgy handbags, hashish and hotel rooms.
We had already paid for our room so they lost interest in us, and eventually the lift arrived and we got to check in and find our large cupboard.
Fortunately, we are only here for three nights, but actually, it is not as bad as first feared. It has all, but small, mod cons and the location is fantastic.
I calmed down after a nights sleep and we had a good day seeing some sights today.
I have put together a montage of statues and might explain more tomorrow.

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