Wednesday 19 August 2015

Sliding around in Valkenburg

Great fun today as we visited a place called the Agogo. It is right next to our new campsite in the middle of Valkenburg.
I don't quite know how to describe it, but it is a sort of slidy toboggan track. We paid our three euros, sat down on the sledge and waited our turn.
It was easy to use - there was a lever in front that you held on to and pushed it forward to go faster, and pulled back to brake.
I went first, checking out the brake on a few corners, but Daz whizzed much faster and caught me up - much to his annoyance.
Once we got to the bottom a clever mechanism pulled us back to the top for a second go. I promised to go faster this time, but he caught me again.
I just don't think I am good at scary high speed stuff.
I also wanted to scream on the corners, but as none of the little children did, then I felt a bit stupid.
I probably concentrated too hard on keeping quiet, and less on going quickly, well that's my excuse anyway.

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