Thursday 27 August 2015


We walked to Colmar today to see another timbered town. There is one area of it called Petite Venice that is packed full of old buildings. Obviously, it has a couple of waterways, but the connection with the famous city is very tenuous.
However, apart from a bit of water, another thing that they have in common is that they are both ancient and really beautiful.
The sun was beating down during our visit and all of the best views were directly into the sun, although I do like the first shot in particular. To me it asks the question - what is hidden just around the corner? Unfortunately, I didn't go and look at the time, and frustratingly, it seems more interesting now than it did when I was actually there.
We also got very involved in a wine testing session and as you can see, the portions were very generous. They also make excellent pretzels here, but for some reason they call them bredzels - or maybe I am getting a little dyslexic.
Ps, the storks are extremely popular here and lots of the houses have bird related decor.

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