Wednesday 26 August 2015

Stork encounter

No, don't get too excited, there isn't a new baby in the house, as the stork hasn't paid us a visit. However, we are right in the middle of their territory so we are visiting them.
Keen readers of this blog will have noticed that I usually struggle with creatures, but I do have a few favourites. Along with donkeys, pandas and frogs, I have a real thing about storks.
Maybe it is because they are enormous, or that they nest on the top of roofs and chimney pots, but I think they are great.
One of the online comments about our new campsite said that the birds come down for lunch, but I thought that was only a rare treat.
However, we had only been here a few minutes when I looked out of the window, and a stork was walking right past our campervan.
Pic 3 is an animation of me trying to feed it bread, but the stork was not very impressed. I found out later that they are very partial to cooked pasta and I watched them catch it in mid air when thrown by other campers.
They are really tame and fly down for lunch and tea before eventually heading back to their nest in the early evening. One nest is on the top of a pole right next to our shower block, so they can keep an eye on us as much as we can watch them.


  1. you like frogs! - why would anyone like frogs????

  2. Hi Margs, I know that you don't like frogs, but I have two reasons to put them on my favourites list.
    1. They are the only pet that I have ever bred, although I just provided the pond and they got on with it really. I did like watching them turn from tiny tadpoles into perfect tiny froggies though.
    2. We stayed in a tent in Goa once and in the toilet tent a lovely bright green frog lived under the toilet seat. Possibly a bit scary but for some reason I thought it cute.
    Sorry!! I won't mention them again.