Friday 8 March 2013

Wine before breakfast at the Royal Selangor Club

Final stop on the Guided Walking Tour was the Royal Selangor Club.
This club was set up by the British in 1884 as a social and cricket club in the central square of KL.
We have just finished reading Burmese Days by George Orwell and this club reminded us of the book. It was set in Burma in the 1930s when the British were the colonial power. They all went to their club every day and started drinking gin before breakfast.
The Royal Selangor Club is very strictly for members only, but we were given visitor stickers and shown around. It was all dark wooden panels and 1970s decor, but the building and the location was amazing.
They have a bar called the Long Bar that did not allow ladies to enter it, but I suppose it also meant I couldn't pay either.
This was the end of the tour and they left us all sitting on the terrace in front of the Long Bar overlooking the old cricket pitch and ordering drinks at 11.30am.


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  2. I am sure we would have made more of an effort if we knew we were going there, although there isn't much in our travelling gear that we could have chosen. Darren has looked up the Harriers and their next run is tomorrow. It's a shame but they seem to be running a long way out of town and we don't have transport to get there to join them. Is your cousin a member?

  3. The Harriers are my kind of running club (well, drinking club really) - you will find them in Rangoon as well if that is where you are going next.