Friday 29 March 2013

Last day in Pattaya

Today is our last day in Pattaya and we are off to Singapore tomorrow.
We walked up to the Big Buddha on the top of the hill this morning which was full of Russian tourists. The Buddha was interesting and people were poking money in to his belly button.
Most of the younger tourists in Pattaya are Russian and for some reason, there are quite a few huge muscular men who look like WWF wrestlers hulking around topless in tight shorts and shirts split to the waist.
Last night when we went to an 'all you can eat restaurant' we ended up sat between two sets of Russian body builders.
I enjoyed my meal and had a small piece of steak, a couple of prawns, quite a pile of tasty salads and some lovely jacket potato.
However, the men behind me probably ate about 10 times as much as me (not joking) with huge plates of steak and fish and they were still eating after we paid and left. Note to restaurant owner - you could end up bankrupt quite soon.

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