Saturday 2 March 2013

A day of two weathers

We have bought seven day bus passes and are making full use of our £7 investment by going hither and thither all over the island.
This morning we went to Batu Ferringhi beach to check it out for my sister Elaine who is thinking of going there in a few weeks time.
It was red hot and really quiet but I think most of the tourists were probably sunning themselves by their pools.
We then caught the bus to cool off as they are all air conditioned and stopped at a lovely Indian restaurant for lunch.
Dawdled around all afternoon then doubled back on ourselves and stopped at Straits Quay for an alfresco Sangria.
Darren took this photo while the sky was black and it was blowing a gale. Now it is raining torentially, the wind has dropped and we have our feet up as the whole place is flooding around us. We are the only people outside and Daz has said that if we did a runner they wouldn't come out to chase us.

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