Tuesday 19 March 2013

Largest book in the world

After enjoying the Hill we went around the corner to see what is billed as 'The largest book in the world'.
The Kuthodaw Pagoda is where the teachings of the Buddha are inscribed on 1,774 marble slabs. Each slab is set in an individual pagoda and they are individually numbered in rows all around a large gold central pagoda.
It was really quiet and all we could hear was the tinkling of little bells on the top of each pagoda.
We couldn't see all of the site from ground level but we could see an open plan building part way up the side of Mandalay Hill (see picture three) that we had not reached on our earlier walk up it. We left the Kuthodaw Pagoda and headed back through a different entrance up the Hill and tried to find the building we could see from amongst the Book Pagodas.
Success! To make things even better, the views from this practically deserted building were much better than from the official route and I got a great aerial view of the 'book'.

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