Thursday 28 March 2013

Pattaya beach

I got an email from my friend Linda this morning with a picture of a snowman in her garden! I can't imagine how cold it is, because here we have the opposite problem. It is absolutely roasting and is very humid as well.
We walked to the beach this morning and it is almost deserted - everyone is sitting in the shade under the hundreds of umbrellas that line the top of the beach.
It is very strange though in that there are very few young tourists around, and even fewer western women. The place is full of older men, many shuffling along in socks and sandals, or string vests. They are also either a pasty white colour, or else tanned mahogany brown with lots of tattoos.
The town itself is mainly filled with five types of buildings, bars, tattoo shops, massage parlours,small market stalls and dentists.
Apparently the town is trying to make itself more family friendly and there are also some really big and modern malls with lots of high street shops and restaurants.
We are going back to the biggest one later to have some dinner and watch a film - GI Joe, I think.

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