Monday 11 March 2013

KL Tower

We went to the top of the KL Tower today as we thought it would be a clear day. However, it had clouded over a bit by the time we got there.
The days have got a bit of a pattern to them at the moment. They start clear and blue, then clouds start to appear, by about 3.30pm there are a few loud thunder claps and then it buckets down for about half an hour.
You have to find somewhere to hide while it rains as it is pretty extreme, and then it is fine again as if nothing had happened. Darren stepped in a deep puddle just after it had finished raining yesterday and the water was really warm. It must be because the pavements get hot during the day and heat it up.


  1. Thanks for the KL weather report. Our days have got a pattern to them too: snowy and VERY cold! Just when we thought it was starting to get spring-like.

  2. Actually, I've just realised that you could solve all our problems for us. Please can you send a job lot of those purple capes you had to wear at the National Mosque. Just what we need!

  3. After I sent this blog Darren showed me pictures of Nottingham in the snow today. I had assumed you were all gambling around in some nice spring sunshine so it was a bit of a shock. Is it better to be too hot or too cold? Maybe we should all relocate to somewhere in the middle, maybe France I think.