Saturday 16 March 2013

Relaxing with a gin sour

Another of the days tasks was to try and find the river. After our pagoda fest this morning we cycled past a fancy sign for an upmarket hotel that promised river views. We parked our very tatty bikes in their lovely driveway and were escorted through the hotel grounds, under a beautiful bougainvillea pergola and down to an outdoor terrace.
I was ordering fruit juice (honestly) when Darren noticed they had gin sours for two and a half dollars each. What can you do when faced with two drinks that cost the same - answer - buy the one with the most alcohol.
They were lovely, lovely, lovely.
For most of the time we were the only customers so got the barmans undivided attention and he bought us three saucers of peanuts and chatted about the three pagodas in the hotel grounds.
One of the them also had a staircase, this one really tiny that climbed up on to a red hot roof. My bare feet couldn't cope but Darren climbed around until his feet were also fried. He then dusted all of the cobwebs off the stairs on the way down with his broad shoulders.
The river was interesting. The banks were about half a mile across, but it is the hot dry season now so the actual water only covered about a quarter of that distance. Not the most memorable view of the day though.

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