Monday 4 March 2013

Petronas Twin Towers

Had a bit of a mission this morning as we had to find the Burmese Embassy to get a visa as we are off to Burma next week.
Annoyingly, I bought us visas from England but the dates were wrong so we could not use them.
Even more annoyingly, Daz had found out where the Embassy was as it is difficult to find and he sent me an email with the details on it. I read it and got us on the Skytrain to Ampang station, but then Daz checked it and we should have been going to Ampang Park which was a few miles away.
Neither of us got irritated and he sorted out a new route on his tablet, and we got there after a nice brisk walk. It all looks good and we have to go back tomorrow to collect our passports.
Decided to then walk to the Petronas Towers and used the old fashioned method of seeing them above the other buildings then walking towards them. They disappeared every now and then but we always found them quite quickly.
They are next to a beautiful park with a lake that has a steel blue whale leaping out of it, a padding pool that was very refreshing and another small lake with dancing fountains in it.
These were even more refreshing as we sat quietly watching them and suddenly the wind changed direction and we got completely soaked!

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