Sunday 17 March 2013

Cycling up a thirst

Today is our last day in Bagan as we are off to Mandalay tomorrow.
We have loved cycling every day we have been here and have upped the mileage daily. Today we went  along quite frightening main roads for a few miles and then turned off on to an almost deserted road with amazing pagodas along it. After a couple of hours we came across a small village with a cafe so we stopped for cold drinks.
I have never shared a cafe with a friendly white cow before, but I would definitely do it again. She sat at one end and we were at the other. If you look closely you can see Darren's silhouette on the right.
The last photo is the view from the bar next door to our hotel where we sat watching the sun go down and the locals pass by.
Actual distance covered today according to Darren's fancy gadget - 28 kilometres.


  1. Didn't Darren tell you your camera would break. You've taken a photo of something through something!

    1. I know but it's my blog so I don't care! He has deleted from his copy of the photos though.